The American Public Safety Need for Legal Cannabis 

     A long time friend and brother Shawn Raphael, Army SGT. was in his second tour of duty of the War in Afghanistan when his Humvee was taken out by an I.E.D. While I can’t confirm his experience caused PTSD, it’d be ridiculous to assume otherwise. Awarded a Purple-Heart for his injuries sustained at the hands of an enemy. This is a man who truly fought for this country, for you and for me, nearly becoming a casualty in the process. But he can’t even think about touching Cannabis or he risks losing all of his earned military benefits. Say what? LEO’s, Firefighters, and Medics often risk their own lives as part of their duties. Their eyes see things they wish their mind forgot. The abuse to their backs, knees, and psyche over the years is undeniable. Most of these public servants have found productive methods of mitigating any PTSD or injuries which are simply thought to be part of the job. Many are prescribed Anti-Depressants and/or Anti-anxiety medications which have wrecked more lives than Cannabis ever has or ever will.

Then there are the ones who haven’t been as fortunate after being left behind. These public servants have lost their careers and/or families due to drug or alcohol dependency. Others have taken their own and/or another’s life after previously trying numerous medications and therapy, with negative side effects being the only thing gained.

Most people love to state how strongly they support their Active Military or Vets and First Responders. But words alone don’t support these servants at all. Are we showing real support by allowing these people to suffer through PTSD, injuries, dependency issues, or even death, because of the ridiculous prohibition of a plant? We need to wake up and rise up. Does it not anger you to know these people are willing to die to protect our rights or our lives, but they can’t even receive a therapeutic treatment that could truly help them? Does it not bother you that our Government allows Dr’s to provide deadly Pharmaceutical band-aids to these people which cause more harm than they do good? How can anyone say they support these servants but then continue to allow their jobs or hard earned benefits to be threatened? These people can’t even reap the benefits of Medicinal Cannabis in States where it’s legal for ANY other citizen 21 or older to consume Cannabis under the same laws as Alcohol. It’s the truth and we should all find it entirely unacceptable.

Cannabis can save more lives than First Responders often do, and can protect just as many citizens from harm as our Soldiers have. When will we begin to back up our strong vocal support with even stronger action? How much longer will we stand by silent, allowing our American Soldiers and First Responders to suffer? How many more are we ok with becoming addicts and/or alcoholics, losing their families and everything else along the way? When will we prove our support for the people who’re already proving they’re willing to die in support of us?

How can anyone accept this anymore? State laws are a great start. However, until the federal prohibition is lifted, the great servants mentioned will never be permitted to use Cannabis as the one medicine that may allow them a safe therapeutic benefit. The Cannabis Prohibition has now been in effect for 80 years, while the Alcohol Prohibition lasted all of 13. Please don’t be mislead. Cannabis Prohibition hasn’t greatly affected levels of use just as the Alcohol Prohibition didn’t. Similar levels of the population have used both throughout the history of each prohibition. Which substance has caused major devastation and which one hasn’t? Cannabis prohibition has become a parody of itself. But in place of laughing, people are dying. Presently, the majority of the population agrees. Every major poll shows this. But when it comes time to stand up, most remain glued to their seats. Can anyone please explain why? With this issue, voting will never be enough on its own to affect the changes needed.

In regards to Cannabis, neither Congress nor any President of either party has shown to put the people’s best interests first. Please consider these truths. PLEASE stop being so afraid of a plant. Being frightened of retribution from family, friends, employer, or Federal Government is selfish and provides zero benefit to our fellow man.
There are millions of lives on the line. One may be one of your current or future family members and/or friends. The greatest strength is always in numbers. Until a greater amount of people are able to show some courage by standing up, plenty of good people will continue to suffer. Our Government leaders are suppose to be “Of the People and For the People.” It’s our decision when we’ve had enough, not the politicians and not special interest groups. How much longer will people choose to remain silent and in fear of retribution for speaking up in support of what most feel should be reality anyhow? Are we going to we allow jobs or finances to silence us? Things never change or improve simply by agreeing with sentiment. They only do so through action. For better or worse, the truest hearts will always do what’s necessary towards the greater good of all. They say if we’re not part of the solution we’re part of the problem. So ask yourselves, which part will you choose to remain part of?

#yesyoucannabis #nowecanntabis #endtheprohibition

2 thoughts on “The American Public Safety Need for Legal Cannabis

  1. As an Army veteran myself during the Viet Nam War, I have seen many men with PTSD who could have benefited from legal cannabis.
    There is no reason at all why it should be a schedule 1 drug and Federally illegal when 32 states voted to legalize its use. There are aeveral states that voted to legalize it recreationally also, including Washington DC.
    Does it make sense that you can buy it in DC where the Federal government is located, but the Feds still won’t decriminalize it and make it the same classification as alcohol.
    This law needs to change and it needs to change fast.


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