For any age: “Let Us, May We”
We only get one chance in a life that ends up going by so quickly. Let us strive for perfection while accepting we’ll never attain it. Let us confidently acknowledge the areas of excellence we’re further from and accept praise for those we excel in. May we fight through problems, coming out wiser and stronger on the other side. May we try our best to have patience and understanding, offering a second chance whenever possible. Let us offer our friends and loved ones an extra few seconds of our time whenever we part, through a handshake, hug, or kiss. Above all, let us continue to build healthy knowledges of the things which truly matter and ones we only perceive wrongly to, being able to erase the latter. 
From birth, time goes slow then fast, but never in reverse order. At a certain age most would give up anything to slow father time. But he will never slows so we can only choose to make the most of every hour, everyday. This success I wish all to gain, because everyone can.

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