An old journeyman’s soul with the spirit of a boy

The uncomfortable combo in life’s game full of ploys

The mixture resides in others inside not only me,

Internal questions we ask, some towards the meaning of free

The blink of an eye, our time spent on this earth,

Through such speed we may wonder just what it’s all worth

Abnormal or weak if this stance we may take,

But these thoughts are more part of a conscious awake

Debates, fights, and wars over what’s up above,

Placing conflict of mind over heart which is love

The earth’s a container, filling up while made bare,

Standing by idly watching with the slightest of care

Human vessels of gain; power, cash, even fame,

So with reckless abandon they sail through and maim

Placing trust in the boats full of holes is our sin,

Breathing in the same lies causes all not to win

In place of judging intents through thickness and thin,

Hate is spread based off of lifestyles or color of skin

“The Matrix” as fiction, with actors playing their parts,

Leads to this non-fiction world, where life imitates art

Unprepared for technology that’s changed us too fast,

For a human connection that we all need to last

Progression is great but how far, how much more,

When most don’t even know their own neighbors next-door

Many labels on others our culture places with grace,

While foggy mirrors prevent self-reflection of face

Every day life’s a risk, all our choice how we dance,

Be it person or place we must take that chance

To live a life scared only fearing through hearing,

Is a sad life indeed when the end’s always nearing.

Three largest fears remain gays, guns, and ISIS,

Turning “Mid” into “All” when describing life crisis

View ourselves in that bed, slowly losing our light

Searching deeply inside, are we sure we were right?

On our unknown ascent retaining only what mattered

The many things that did not, cleared off our life’s platter.


In loving memory of Johnny B., a friend and great soul. Taken from this earth much too quickly. Be at peace now brother.

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