This blog was named after what I feel is the most important aspect of human life. The Mind. The mind is always an adventure in and of itself. We all own preconceived ideas and perceptions of what is real and what is not. We all long for different experiences throughout our lives. We all have different dreams. We all hold different perceptions of right and wrong. We are all at different stages along our journey in human form upon this Earth. It’s most important for us all to recognize this truth, accepting it instead of constantly fighting against it. Life is not a game to be played. It is an experience to be lived, through which we learn. We can learn from reading, hearing, or watching. But we learn most from what we actually live. -“Live and let live”

Sadly, society as a whole continues to be misled on the most fundamental of levels. We live in a world where inspirational quotes are hung in the home, turning into decor instead of words to live by. “Life is not measured in the amount of breaths we take, but in the moments which take our breath away” is a very common theme, but instead having more resemblance to a meme. In even the most stable of lives, full of loving intent, the moments which take our breath away become few. As they say, “Life gets in the way.”

While many complicated reasons exist for our many issues at hand, so too does a larger set of simple solutions. However, simple solutions may not always equal comfort, stability, or the absence of risk. Rational free-thinking, independent of how we may have each been raised, can offer us an awakened state of mind that can never be achieved through repetition of past teachings. It is not comfortable to question many ideals we’ve always known, whether they be the ingrained beliefs from cultural, political, or religious natures. Oftentimes the most uncomfortable thoughts of change are the changes needed most.

Throughout living history, every human has been born without their permission. An odd thought to ponder, that not a single being was ever given a choice. We haven’t a voice towards the race or color we were conceived from, nor the land or culture we were inserted into, nor the many varying ideologies we chain to 0urself, typically spawned from combining the three. If we strip our minds bare, it’s clear to acknowledge we are all born pure. We bear witness to this upon our first gaze into a newborn baby’s eyes. Even the first giggle is not based in any real substance, yet it is one of the most revealing truths to human’s underlying innocence and love. All beings are born with specific behaviors crucial to sustaining human life. Referred to as instincts, these are non-negotiable. In between birth and death lay many learned behaviors and beliefs. Some based upon experience, but most based only in thought. Negotiating with these behaviors or beliefs becomes as crucial to sustaining life as our instincts themselves. It is up to us to weigh the risks verse rewards, as it is only learned behaviors and beliefs that transform pure innocence, peace, and love, into unintended evil.

Since the beginning of modern civilization, human beings have been chasing a vast array of success. Money, power, and control all top the shallow list of success, while silently all people assign happiness the highest rank. The shallow list forms many of life’s hurdles. Throughout our journey we allow hurdles to grow taller. The taller we allow them to be stacked, the less obtainable that highest rank may become. Most have been placed in our way by the many different teachers throughout our lives. While these often are the highest of obstacles, seemingly glued in place, they are of the utmost importance not only to climb over, but to completely remove so the next person might have a clearer path. Strength comes not in a life path free of hurdles, but rather in removing the hurdles so we may reach and maintain our highest assigned rank of happiness and peace. It’s not only our duty to ensure personal success in obtaining this rank, but also that of our fellow humans upon this earth as well.

The largest hurdle has always been and will forever be the human mind. But just as any physical hurdle can be moved, so too can any mind.

-I deeply understand how delicate life can be and how precious our time is on earth. We get one go, and it’s true we never know. So from the bottom of my heart I thank you for spending the few moments of your time, reading mine. 




9 thoughts on “Adventure of Mind

  1. Very insightful, and forces the reader to think about the hard questions, and difficult decisions. Simultaneously an enjoyable & uncomfortable read. Uncomfortable isn’t a bad thing… being uncomfortable makes you grow. Just ask the lobster.

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  2. I love this ! A very seemingly thought- complex that us humans struggle with yet can always really be summed up into simpler themes. What you wish for is what you will ultimately get . The more shallow the physical goal, the less spiritual growth that will be obtained. Thanks for this brotha 🙂

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